Product Development Project Leader – Gothenburg

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In the Engineering and Operations department, your role will be crucial in developing the future lineup of exceptional and high-end vehicles. Collaborating with engineers across the globe, you and your team will pioneer groundbreaking car technology that prioritizes the needs of individuals, simplifying and enhancing their lives.

The Engineering and Operations department includes the Occupant Safety team, which oversees the entire process of creating and developing interior safety systems. Occupant Safety within the interior focuses on creating and improving safety measures for people inside a vehicle. This includes the development of various systems, such as seatbelts safety systems, airbags, and steering wheel safety features.

As a developer, your main responsibility will be to oversee the safety system, ensuring that it is developed within the agreed framework in terms of time, technology, and cost. Additionally, you will be responsible for ensuring the delivery of high-quality products. This role will have a global scope, requiring collaboration with colleagues from different locations. You will also have the opportunity to build relationships with representatives from various departments within the company, particularly Safety and Marketing.

Job Assignments

• Collaborate closely with stakeholders such as the Safety, Ergonomic, and Durability centers, and actively participate in verifying the attributes of the system.
• Assume responsibility for establishing the necessary requirements for the system and its components, as well as ensuring that these requirements are met during the industrialization phase.
• Take charge of supplier meetings and ensure that the full-service suppliers meet all requirements.
• Assume accountability for the technical aspects, timing, and cost of the project.
• Provide regular updates on the progress of product development to the leaders.
• Lead the development of a safety system in conjunction with suppliers and internal stakeholders.


We think you have a lot of experience in the field of product development and safety restraint products. For this role, it is important that you are organized and can consistently meet deadlines. You should also have a positive and open-minded attitude and be skilled at identifying opportunities and finding solutions. Additionally, you enjoy sharing your knowledge and experiences with your coworkers.

• A candidate with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering specializing in Science.
• At least 5 years of experience in product development.
• Experience and knowledge of crash safety development.
• Excellent proficiency in written and spoken English.
• Good familiarity with various systems such as Team Center, Pecca Procost, planisware, VPC, KDP, POB, TSU, XFMEA, Car Weaver, etc.
• Possession of a valid driver’s license (B).

Tillträde och ansökan
Start Date: ASAP/2024-03-04
End Date: 2024-12-31
Deadline: ASAP
Location: Gothenburg
Contact person: +46 790 06 27 11
Selections and interviews are ongoing!

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Kontaktperson: Isabel Tataje

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